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booklist (2013)
1Q84 -Haruki Murakami.
El Hobbit -J. R. R. Tolkien.
ASOIAF I -George R. R. Martin.
ASOIAF II -George R. R. Martin.
ASOIAF III -George R. R. Martin.
ASOIAF IV -George R. R. Martin.
ASOIAF V -George R. R. Martin.
TPOBAWF - Stephen Chbosky.
Metamorfosis - Frank Kafka.
War Horse -Michael Morpurgo.
Stephen Hawking -Kitty Ferguson.
TNOTW I -Patrick Rothfuss.
The Firm -John Grisham.
Test épico.
17 abr. 2009 @ 19:18
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Which Gackt hair style are you?

Long Malice Mizer. Cool. This is a good look on him, but then again they all look good.

What Gackt are you?

Kawaii and happy! Horray! You and your kitty will have so much fun as you get dancing to soleil! XD love life love gackt! Go you!
Awwww by the way what's your kitties' name!? :3

PD: con los títulos se puede ir al test(?)

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