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booklist (2013)
1Q84 -Haruki Murakami.
El Hobbit -J. R. R. Tolkien.
ASOIAF I -George R. R. Martin.
ASOIAF II -George R. R. Martin.
ASOIAF III -George R. R. Martin.
ASOIAF IV -George R. R. Martin.
ASOIAF V -George R. R. Martin.
TPOBAWF - Stephen Chbosky.
Metamorfosis - Frank Kafka.
War Horse -Michael Morpurgo.
Stephen Hawking -Kitty Ferguson.
TNOTW I -Patrick Rothfuss.
The Firm -John Grisham.
308; chasing after you
28 abr. 2012 @ 11:51
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花は咲くか (hana wa saku ka) - does the flower bloom?

Out of the blue, without any reason.
"...I've long forgotten..."
I'm tempted to see this person.
And I'll go crazy with a carefree word or a nonchalant act.
Just a trivial thing...
"Forgotten all these feelings."
... can make me unstable.
"How could I be like this?"
I've long forgotten what it feels like to fall in love.
As if I'm caught up in someone-- I've fogotten.
"Is he..."

"Is he always this beautiful?"


...He said my eyes get bigger when I look at... you.

Even small, subtle things and his expressions.
They all accumulate in my mind and I can remember them anytime.



Hubo algo en particular en este manga que me conquistó. Probablemente Youichi... Y a un punto en que temería recomendarlo, y que a alguien más no le sea transmitido lo mismo que a mi... Por cierto, leí más de la mitad de todos los trabajos de esta mangaka, Hidaka Shoko y uhm~ todos son muy buenos (por si alguien quiere leer buen yaoi).

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